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Mike Morrell  - Managing DirectorMike Morrell
The Jazzmatrix Corporation
Managing Director

Mike was the Managing Director of Midsouth Distributors Pty Ltd for over 30 years, during this time Midsouth was appointed the Polaroid Distributors for the SADIC region. Polaroid also appointed Midsouth as their LGP (large government programs) partner for Africa. Mike and his late brother Russell (Jazz) Wenman formed the company as a photographic importer and wholesaler.

In 1996, Sabvest Ltd became an equity partner in Midsouth Distributors and remained as partners up until Midsouth Distributors was sold in 2005, When Mike made a decision to relocate to Australia for business reasons. During this period, the team management of Mike and Diane grew Midsouth from a million and a half Rand turnover per month to over eight million Rand per Month (excluding LGP Business), Konica, Duracell Samsung, Polaroid Analogue and Digital, Durst and RT Chemicals are some of the major brands that we added to the company's distributorship portfolio during the directorship of Mike and Diane.

Mike and Diane's Relationship with Sabvest remains solid and still join with them in certain deals, see reference from Sabvest.

The Jazzmatrix Corporation P/L was registered in 2007 to supply of state-of-the-art equipment and consumables to Government Authorities across the African continent and other developing countries. Mike knew that Polaroid was fast approaching it's used by date and started negotiations with Hiti Digital Inc in China to partner him in developing a new digital voter registration photo capturing solution to replace the old Polaroid technology, the rest is history. HiTi Digital Inc has appointed The Jazzmatrix Corporation as their sole LGP partner world wide. In addition, as a result to the increased LGP business, Hiti has also set up a technical facility in Johannesburg in co-operation with JMC. The JMC/Hiti voter registration photo capturing solution is protected by two pending patents, and a new advanced version is already under development which will include the capturing of a fingerprint and the bar code off the OMR form

Diane Morrell  -  Financial DirectorDiane Morrell
The Jazzmatrix Corporation
Financial Director

Diane Morrell has extensive hands on financial experience, and was directly involved in the distribution business at Midsouth for close on 20 years. Diane gained extensive specialized knowledge and practical experience across the full business spectrum and has the ability to put her know-how into action.

Diane is sales and profit driven, and steered the financial side of Midsouth positively. All procurement and castings were under her direction. Managing overseas and local suppliers and maintains a strong relationship with our banking partners which remains key to our success today.

Diane is a mover-and-a-shaker when it comes to getting the job done and leaves no stone unturned to insure a successful outcome of a project. She also plays a key roll in coordinating the logistics and insures that all deliveries are done within the time frame.

Stephen Herbst Design EngineerStephen Herbst
The Jazzmatrix Corporation
Design Engineer

Stephen, stationed in South Africa, obtaining his National Diploma in Electronics (Light Current) with bias towards  Instrumentation in 1990. He joined Technetics (Pty) Ltd and specialized in communications networks  He ran the SMD assembly line which was a first in South Africa for the production of highly sophisticated communications devices for LAN and WAN access such as ATM. By 1993 he was supervising the SMD line and from that exposure developed a keen interest in the design of products for manufacturability as well as being converted to SMD design.

As a designer he worked with Spea's Top CAD, Orcad STD & PCB, Seetrax Ranger XL and many others, including Eagle CAD.

Stephen also specialized in providing electronic solutions for problems in the industrial automation sector. This involved replacing or augmenting existing systems. Some developments include 12 Bit and 14 Bit Philips Linear Glass scale replacement solutions for injection molding machines, Diesel engine management units, simple Glow plug timers, Eight channel programmable Counter/Timer units, Eight channel Amplifier modules with current readout and trip programming, Flex-DP 32 channel Profibus I/O modules with various input-output configurations allowing 24V to 220V voltage translation between I/O (and vice versa), refinements to an ISA based peripheral interface card with PIN Encryption for an Automatic Teller Machine which also included vandal resistant Keypad and an Audio Tone Driver - Amplifier - I/O Interface module.
He has also done extensive development on a real time vision processor for fiducial recognition to automate our DEK solder paste printer.

Besides a customers individual requirements, he  develops robust, reliable, high quality products and likes to have control over all aspects of the product design to allow seamless integration of all the modules including the functional, ergonomic and aesthetic aspects. Stephen knows that the ceaseless progress of technology always ensures room for improvement and believe that solutions exist for any problem although the technology may not currently exist. If you can think it, it can be done or undone, secured.

Stephen designed and developed the first portable battery belt that enable Midsouth to aggressively grow the instant ID street market in South Africa, which gave our ID street photographer customers the edge in portability, and increased this market segment to a staggering 80%+ at a time when Fuji instant had entered into a price war with Polaroid . He later designed the Jazzformer (Pending Patent) which is the basis of the new Jazzformer Battery Pack, which works either from solar power or AC 220V mains power. Stephen set up a small manufacturing division at Midsouth's head Quarters in Pretoria and taught Roger to handle the full manufacturing process of the product from PCB level to final product. This was so successful that Polaroid also marketed the portable Jazzformer Battery Pack to their international customers.


Roger Moiane - Senior Electronics TechnicianRoger Moiane
The Jazzmatrix Corporation
Senior Electronics Technician

Stationed in South Africa, Roger has gained extensive specialized knowledge in digital camera, printer and electronics technology. Roger is factory trained by Polaroid and Hiti in the field of digital imaging technology and has the skills to repair any of these companies digital ID products; He also underwent training at Samsung Internationals technical repair facility in Johannesburg, he is fully trained and competent in repair of Samsung digital cameras(DSC) that JMC offers in their solution.
He and Stephen form the South Africa technical team and both support the quality control testing of the JMC equipment. Roger headed our manufacturing division of the Battery Belt and the Jazzformer in South Africa at a time when we were only selling to the local market, due to the vastly increased volumes; we transferred our manufacturing component to our partners, Better-Power Electronics in China.

Roger runs the technical training programs for JMC; he is our front man who sets up technical facilities with our customers so that all maintenance can be carried out within the customer's control. Roger also awards technical certificates of competents to all the new technicians that pass our JMC technical course, this certifies that we are satisfied that the students are competent to handle a full technical repair of all the equipment from PCB level without affecting the customers warrantee with JMC.

Roger also runs our 24 hour hot line for trouble shooting or any other problem that our customers may be faced with during a registration program, most of the technical challenges can be handled over the phone, but he will also fly to visit the customer should the hiccup be more challenging.


Susan Liu - Product and Logistics China ManagerSusan Liu
The Jazzmatrix Corporation
Product and Logistics China Manager

Susan works for JMC from Shenzhen City in China, she is responsible for working with all our China partners, overseeing the placing of new orders, doing QC checks during and after manufacturing, insuring that freight bookings are made in advance to insuring goods arrive on time at destination.



In memory of Russell "Jazz" Wenman

Russell "Jazz" Wenman'Russell Wenman and Mike Morrell were the founder members of Midsouth Distributors which they formed in the late 1970's in South Africa, at that time Polaroid decided to disinvest from South Africa as a protest against the countries Apartheid policies.

Mike and Russell found a way to buy Polaroid film on the international market and import it into the country to satisfy the vacuum caused by Polaroid's departure, they grew the instant film market focusing on the instant ID market; this was an instant success and saw the company grow rapidly

In the run up to the first democratic elections in 1994, the IEC (Independent Electoral Commission) realized that hundreds of thousands of new voters would not be registered in time to cast their first democratic vote, the IEC awarded Midsouth the contract to fly in 1500 x Polaroid MiniPortrait ID cameras and over 100,000 packs of instant ID film.

This was their biggest single order ever at that time, which got the attention of Polaroid Corporation who had decided to reinvest in South Africa with the inauguration of Nelson Mandela as the first democratically elected President. Midsouth was appointed as the new Polaroid Distributor, which started a progression of several distributorships awards to Midsouth, the likes of Konica, Hiti Digital, Duracell, Durst, Imacon Scanners and RT chemicals amongst others.

Russell was the sales and marketing director, he was gifted in this role, his specialized skills and business acumen was unparalleled, Russell's directorship in the sales and marketing saw the company grow year on year, he was diagnosed with cancer, but stayed as a key man until days before he crossed over.

Russell Jazz Wenman will be remembered for his people skills, his wonderful sense of humor and his great contribution he made to the success of his business and his unadulterated passion for life, as my brother, he can do nothing wrong.
His name will always live on in The Jazzmatrix Corporation, our Chairman for life.