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Generally, there are two types of solar photovoltaic system: one type is the off-grid solar system, the other is the grid-connected solar system.

Off-grid Solar System

Off-grid solar system consists of solar panels, controller, inverter and battery.
During the day, the solar panels transform solar power into DC electricity for the use of low voltage and DC type electric appliances by controller or store electricity into battery. Meanwhile, the electricity can be used on AC type electric appliances after the DC is transformed into AC by inverter.

It's mainly applied in remote area and population greatly decentralized area where the public electricity grid system is not available. Off-grid solar system is widely used in telecommunication, broadcasting, transportation, maritime affairs, illuminating fields etc.

Grid-connected Solar System

This system consists of solar panels,controller, inverter and electricity meter.
It transforms the sunlight power from the solar panels into DC and changes DC into AC. During the daytime the electricity will be input into the electricity grid system.

The Jazzmatrix Corporation has developed a range of remote lighting and power solutions for use in remote areas where on-grid power is simply not available. Widely used in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

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