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The JMC Voter Registration PHOTO Capture and Printing Solution

The solution includes the following components.
The regular and continued operation of the above system may require the use of additional optional items or consumables that can be procured together with the above kit or in a separate procurement.

Portable Photo Capture & Printing Kit
Digital Camera (DSC)
Digital Photo Printer
ABS Carry Case
Portable Rechargeable Battery Pack
Rechargeable Battery Pack for Printer
Solar Panel Kit
Solar Panel (Self-contained with handle & lock)
ABS Carry Case For Solar Panel
Other Items & Consumables
Cleaning Kit (for 5 printer cleaning operations each)
Photo / Sticker Media PackĀ (ribbon & 100 sheets of paper)
Rechargeable AA Batteries with option of Car or AC Charger
Solar Lights and Battery Pack BSS-005-01
Hand Held Photo Die Cutter Customised To Any Size