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Other items and Consumable for the JMC Voter Registration PHOTO Capture and Printing Solution

Cleaning Kit

This unique Cleaning Kit has been designed to allow easy field 1st level maintenance of the printer by standard operators, hence guaranteeing its best possible operation in most field conditions. We recommend that one clean for every 100 sheets. Each Cleaning Kit has 5 cleaning operations in it.

Photo / Sticker Media Pack

Photo / Sticker Media PackThis is the consumable that the printer requires for normal operation and the printing of photographs. The photo paper/sticker media packaging has been designed for a dusty and potentially wet environment. They can be stored for up to 10 years in their original sealed packaging.

Photo/Sticker Media Paper Pack

Rechargeable AA Batteries with option of Car or AC Charger

Rechargeable AA Batteries with option of AC Charger Rechargeable AA Batteries with option of Car Charger See Power options

Solar Lights and Battery Pack BSS-005-01

Solar Lights and Battery Pack BSS-005-01Ideal to supply adequate lighting at registration and voting centers Simple installation, low maintenance and cost effective. 12v 4AH rechargeable battery source via solar panel, will work from 7-10 hours once fully charged.

Hand Held Photo Die Cutter for size 25*32mm, 25x35mm or to order

Hand Held Photo Die CutterPhoto die cutter can be custom made to suit any requirement.