Solar charging panels in use at a registration station

The JMC Voter Registration PHOTO Capture and Printing Solution Power Options

The JMC Jazzformer (Portable Rechargeable Battery Pack - patent pending)

The JMC New Battery Pack for the printer provides a guaranteed autonomy of at least 100 photo/sticker prints per day (representing the photo registration of a minimum of 400 people per day depending on the chosen ID photo format) or at least 10 hours of continuous operation without charge, whichever comes first. This allows for continuous usage during a complete day shift and a recharge overnight where there is access to mains electricity. An LED on the control panel indicates the status of the battery with a Colour code indicating Low (Red)/ Medium (Orange) / Full (Green) charge of the battery in use.

Jazzformer Exterior

Jazzformer Storage Space/Control Panel y

AC/220V Transformer y
Rechargeable Batteries with
option of Car / AC Charger

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Note: In order to operate the printer over a long period of time where electricity is not available for overnight charging, the Solar Panel is plugged into the Transformer/Solar plug inlet on the Jazzformer control panel. The Solar Panel will charge the Battery Unit through the Jazzformer while the very same battery is in continuous operation with the printer & DSC. In this mode, the printer and DSC can be operated for 20 hours per day and will still be charged and ready for the next day.

Solar Panel (self contained with handle & lock)

Technical specifications of the Solar Panel

Power specification:
80 Watt
Solar Panel Size:
670 x 530 x 80 mm
Cell Type:
Multi-Crystalline Silicon
Folds completely with stand and has an easy carry handle
5 meter electric connecting cable for convenience

The Solar Panel is technically specified to suit the power consumption requirement for the Digital Photo Printer & DSC through its portable battery unit while in constant operation throughout the working day. While deployed in daylight and operational, it will constantly recharge the 12v 18ah SLA Battery, allowing for their sufficient operation, controlled by the Jazzformer (Patent Protected), the current limiter will not allow the battery to overcharge, thus ensuring a long battery life.

When deployed for the first time, even with a battery that is flat, the solar panel allows a quick power supply to the operating battery using sunlight ensuring that the printer & DSC is operational within a matter of about 30 minutes from setting up the complete system.

Solar Panel

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